Vibrations control

Vibrations can be annoying for us human beings. Powerful vibrations can even be harmful for our health. They can also cause damage to buildings and installations and they can disturb sensitive equipment. Vibrations can be transmitted as sound through buildings and constructions and they can be unpleasantly audible at a considerable distance from the source.

Vibrations in the ground/soil, in buildings, ships, offshore installations, machines, in short anywhere, can be measured. Using measurements and dynamic models, we can assess problems and make forecasts for alternative situations.

Adequate vibration reducing measures and provisions can be used to prevent damage to buildings and machines.

Examples of these are improving the dynamic strength of constructions, adapting the foundations of the machines and using vibration dampers to render the machines vibrationless. Also, monitoring the vibrations of valuable machines and sensitive equipment (such as computers, fine-tuned scales, microscopes, laser equipment) can be extremely important.

The condition of some machines can be measured by their vibration emission. In those cases, the machines can be maintained by monitoring the vibration emission ("engine condition monitoring").

For all these facets, Peutz has specialists who have a thorough command of the field of vibration technology.

We can give an in-depth advice for all kinds of vibration problems, using measurements on a multitude of possible sources, with our expertise regarding transfer through architectural and mechanical constructions and through the soil (with variable properties and compounds).

Peutz uses state-of-the-art measuring and computational equipment, together with dynamic modelling with a finite element method.

The activities can vary from a simple calculation of and advice for a vibrationless setting of a compressor to complex calculations of and advice for the fundaments of big machines and from predicting the fatigue fracture in a bolt to predicting the damage of buildings.