Noise control

Sometimes sound becomes noise. Especially industrial noise can be harmful and annoying, both in the workplace and in the surrounding residential areas. To protect employees and those living nearby, the legislature has laid down over the years permissible noise levels in a number of laws and decrees for industry, this often means that measures must be taken to keep noise within these fixed limits.

Peutz undertakes research and consultancy activities in the field of industrial noise control in relation to both existing and proposed situations. This is done by means of measurements, calculations and evaluations. We produce reports containing the results of prognoses, feasibility studies and designs for provisions and measures. Peutz can also provide support and undertake supervision of the implementation of such provisions and measures; and give guidance and advice on procedures as prescribed in particular regulations and guidelines.

Thanks to the company’s particular combination of acoustic expertise, procedural experience and legal know-how, many projects reach a successful conclusion. The company can promote clients’ interests in the context of zoning, permit procedures and urban development in the context of the Noise Abatement Act, providing optimum support to ensure the successful establishment, expansion or modification of industrial enterprises.

Activities within the field of industrial noise control cover a broad spectrum. For example, the noise can be tackled at the source. Peutz can devise, together with the client, a good noiseless concept or design for future buildings, installations and machinery. In existing situations measures reducing the noise production can be (too) expensive and technically too drastic. In those cases other measures are an option, such as screening the sources, fitting housings, dampers or screens, fitting the rooms where the sources are located with sound-absorbent material, or providing better insulation for the buildings. In addition, measures can be taken at the receiving end, in the residential area. Every situation calls for its own individual solution in terms of best and most economical (combination of) measures.